Data Protection

Safeguard critical data and help ensure regulatory compliance with Sunnic E-Trust solutions.  Available in two main suites, E-Trust Guard (End-to-End Authentication) and E- Trust Plus (Secure Data) solutions provide multi-layered protection for your data regardless of where it in use and resides — on the network or in storage systems.


Guard Your Authentication – By Sunnic End to End Authentication (E2EE)


In this networked and market-driven environment, it is critical that organizations have flexible, adaptable and responsive authentication mechanisms to meet their risk profile and business needs.  As authentication technology is changing more often, there is an urgent need to have solid and proven authentication for their first level authentication (user credential and password).

Sunnic E-Trust Guard provides end to end application layer encryption security to protect passwords and other sensitive data.  Our solution deploys a unique challenge-response authentication method to ensure that derivation of user passwords obtained during data transmission is virtually impossible. The one-time challenge feature prevents intruders from performing replay attack on the system


Key benefits:

  • E-Trust solution designed to comply with industry standard regulations and mandates
  • Uses industry strength cryptographic algorithm such as RSA, AES, and SHA etc.
  • Compatible with major HSM brands
  • Wide range of platform supported


Add on your Data Protection – By Sunnic E- Trust Plus


Unauthorized access to files and sensitive data remains one of the most commonly reported reasons for data breach incidents such as data loss and theft. To protect sensitive information, enterprises require solutions that can be easily adopted by users. Sunnic E-Trust Plus provides encryption and decryption of files and data


Key benefits:

  • Common framework and implementation as of E-Trust Guard E2EE
  • Encrypt data both in transit and stored in databases and applications
  • Ease interface to the other 3rd  applications without disrupting work flow