Encryption Key Management

Fornetix makes managing encryption keys easy

Delivered as a physical or virtual appliance, Fornetix has built a key management solution that enables a unified approach to data security through deploying and enforcing encryption across the entire organization. With unified encryption management, you can store and control all your encryption keys across all your environments; be it on-premise storage, virtualized, or cloud.

More Control

Store and manage all keys from one interface, giving you visibility and control over the entire key lifecycle for every applicable technology.

Larger Scale

Support millions of devices and 100s of millions of encryption keys without compromising performance.

Better Security

Instantly revoke or rotate keys anywhere in the organization from a FIPS 140-2 compliant appliance.

Reduce Costs by Executing & Scheduling Operations in Seconds

Traditionally complex and sophisticated commands are made simple when powered by an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly interface.

Meet Compliance & Security Concerns with a Validated Solution

The VaultCore Appliance is FIPS 140-2 Level 2 compliant. An unprecedented 5-minute integration with top Hardware Security Module providers instantly increases protection to FIPS 140-2 Level 3.

Communicate Far & Wide with Industry Standards

Interoperability is crucial in providing effective and affordable key management. Our VaultCore Appliance supports both KMIP and PKCS#11.

Incorporate Key Management in Organizational Log Management Strategies

Export detailed, comprehensive logs in common event format into your log manager or security information and event manager (SIEM).

Encrypt Virtual Machines Through Interoperability with vSphere 6.5

Bring your encrypted VMware powered Virtual Machines within the purview of Fornetix with the newly KMIP-compliant vSphere 6.5 Hypervisor.

Manage Keys Consistently Across Heterogeneous Environments

Extend the functionality of your VaultCore Appliance beyond traditional constraints via RESTful Services and KMIP-powered integrations.

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