Token & Key Management

Token Management solution is an enterprise token management system that enables organizations to efficiently issue and manage a large variety of PKCS11 compliant cryptographic token from a single platform.

Using Token Management application, administrators can define user roles and access rights in accordance with policies and perform the tasks in less time, thereby reducing the administrative burden while eliminating unnecessary barriers to access.

Our Token Management integrates with internal PKI infrastructure to facilitate secure registration and issuance of the token. Designed to support full lifecycle management of digital credentials, this enables organizations to centralize management, enforce policy effectively, and streamline auditing—while minimizing the time and cost of routine administration.

Key benefits:

Sunnic E-Trust Manager (ETM) Solution

As the use of cryptography increases in organizations, an organization must scale their management of cryptography keys. With Sunnic E-Trust Manager (ETM), it allows organizations to establish an enterprise inventory of cryptography keys and control the use of the keys, independent of the applications where they are deployed, then organize and track those keys.

This does not require that keys be stored in Sunnic E-Trust Management. Automated key management can serve as the equivalent of a card catalog for all cryptography keys, tracking a broad set of information about each key.

Sunnic E-Trust Manager also provides a monitoring tool to enhance the ease of administration and monitoring of the connected HSM such as HSM availability, CPU usage, memory usage, Fan, PSU etc.

Key benefits:

Wide range of platform supported