E-Trust Guard

This is designed to protect sensitive data with encryption and authentication; everywhere it is accessed, transferred, and stored. Administrators and developers can quickly and easily integrate encryption and authentication into applications and batch processes. It is in your best interest to protect the information herein from access by unauthorized individuals. Plus, E-Trusted Guard supports a variety of platforms and Hardware security Modules.

  • Secure End-to-End Authentication
  • Password verification is done in HSM secure environment

E-Trust Plus

This is an enhancement to E-Trust Guard to provide data protection for File and Text field during transmission and in storage. Our existing customers can make use of their E-Trust Guard infrastructure to achieve data protection to meet any compliance requirements.

  • Protect data in motion and data at rest
  • No limitation of supported data format

E-Trust Manager

This is a management tool to enhance the ease of administration and monitoring of the connected HSM such as Crypto Key changes, HSM availability, CPU usage, memory usage, Fan, PSU etc.

  • Monitoring HSM performance and health check
  • Critical events alert to external system
  • Authorise and monitor keys in the systems where they reside
  • Establish an enterprise inventory of keys protected by HSM

E-Trust ACP

This is designed to address the security challenges of removing hardcoded credentials embedded within application code and server scripts. E-Trust Application Credential Provider (ACP) provides different types of credentials sources that will help applications store and manage required credentials and make them invisible to developers and support staff.

  • Remove hardcoded password in applications and scripts.
  • Support integration with multiple application identity managers, such as CyberArk Application Identity Manager (AIM).
  • Encapsulate wrapped identity provider implementation into simple API calls to ease the development and integration.

E-Trust IDES Tool

FATCA report creation and preparation is quite a complex procedure. E-Trust IDES Tool is a comprehensive and easy-to-use IDES report submission tool, which supports generation of FATCA reporting data file with IRS defined standards. It reads the data input from user input via 8966 forms or XML documents, and transforms them into a package (signing, compressing, encrypting) ready for IDES submission. The output is a validated, ready-to-upload zip-file.

  • Real time input from form 8966
  • Import ready XML for report preparation
  • Manage submitted reports

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E-Trust Token

This is an enterprise token management solution that enables organizations to efficiently issue and manage a large variety of PKCS11 compliant cryptographic tokens from a single platform.

  • Centralize user token credential management to ensure administrative consistency and efficiency
  • Consolidate and simplify issuance and management of PKCS11 compliant cryptographic token to reduce administrative cost and complexity
  • Enforce administrative processes to improve business governance and reduce compliance failure risk
  • Embedded in CA to achieve seamless secure workflow