The CyberArk Core Privileged Access Security Solution provides organizations with the ability to take a risk-based approach to credential and session management. Enforce least privilege principles and lock down domain controllers to defend against both internal and persistent threats.


The Core Privileged Access Security Solution unifies Enterprise Password Vault, Privileged Session Manager and Privileged Threat Analytics to protect an organization’s most critical assets.

For Security

Secure, rotate, and managed privileged credentials to reduce risk. Monitor and record all privileged access activity. Automate prevention and remediation of high-risk activities.

For Operation

Streamline administrator and end user workflow, including just-in-time access. Easy and comprehensive integration across the technology stack and support for automation via REST APIs.

For Audit

End-to-end reporting with full, detailed audit trail of privileged activity across complex and hybrid environments. Improve and prioritized audit review cycle times based on risk.


Discover and Manage Credentials

Continuously scan the environment to detect privileged access. Validate privilege by adding discovered accounts to a pending queue or automatically onboard and rotate accounts and credentials based on enterprise policy.

Isolate Credentials and Sessions

Establish a secure control point to prevent credential exposure and isolate critical assets from end users with transparent connections to target systems via a variety of native workflows.

Record and Audit Sessions

Automatically record and store privileged sessions within a centralized encrypted repository. Prioritize auditing recorded and active sessions with video playback that streamlines reviewing the most suspicious activity.

Monitor Privileged Activity

Administrators can view specific activities or keystrokes within video recordings. Detect and alert SOC and IT teams of anomalous behaviour that bypasses or circumvents privileged controls.

Remediate Risky Behaviour

Automatically suspend or terminate privileged sessions based on risk assignment and initiate automatic credential rotation in the event of privileged compromise or theft.

Least Privilege Server Protection

Centrally manage and enforce granular access controls. Establish super-user accountability on both Windows and *NIX servers and centralize the audit trail of all privileged access activity across server environments.

Domain Controller Protection

Continuously monitor the network and detect in-progress Kerberos attacks, including Golden Ticket and Pass-the-Hash, and block suspected credential theft and harvesting attempts on domain controllers.

Cyberark Privileged Access Security Solution


Manage, monitor, rotate and audit privileged credentials for applications, scripts, containers, CI/CD tools and third-party security solutions.

For Security

Eliminate embedded application credentials and consistently manage and monitor privileged access for applications across on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

For Operation

Improve IT operational efficiency by automating the management and rotation of application credentials for applications running at scale.

For Developers

Simplify securing applications without impacting velocity. Use Open Source solutions to simply and accelerate usage.

For Compliance and Audit

Enforce internal and regulatory requirement for managing and monitoring application credentials. Generate detailed audit trails.

Key Features

Secure and manage credentials for applications, scripts, configuration files, DevOps environments and other non-human identities.

Comprehensive Secret Management

Secure all credentials and secrets used by non-human users. Eliminate hard-coded credentials in applications. Rotate credentials based on policy.

Robust Authorization and Audit

Authenticate applications and containers using native application attributes and role-based access controls. Record key events with tamper-resistant audit.

Enterprise Scale and Availability

Meet stringent enterprise resiliency, scalability, and performance requirements with distributed, high-availability architecture.

Extensive Integrations Library

Accelerate deployment with validated integrations, including commercial off-the-shelf applications, Robotic Process Automation tools, CI/CD toolchains, PaaS platforms, and AD/LDAP.

CyberArk Solution Portfolio

Leverage other CyberArk solutions to enable consistent management of human and non-human credentials across the enterprise.

Powerful Developer Tools and APIs

Make it easier for applications and other non-human identities to securely access resources. Offer developers multiple options, including APIs, environmental variables and Secretless Broker capability.

Cyberark Application Access Manager